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Current Market Data



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Our Service to You


We provide South African investors with the opportunity to buy internationally branded silver bullion products at the lowest possible premium above the silver spot price. This ensures our clients always have the option to obtain the largest possible amount of investment grade silver bullion per Rand invested.


We also offer a Buy Back program to our clients wishing to sell the silver bullion they have bought from us. This means that our retail customers have complete peace of mind knowing that they will be offered market related prices for their silver should they decide to sell it.


We do not aim to give investment advice nor do we aim to influence any of your investment decisions, but if you believe that owning silver bullion is a sound investment and you are looking to add silver bullion products to your portfolio, you have found the right place and you need not look any further.

We would appreciate the opportunity to illustrate and confirm the value of our service to you through our range of quality investment grade silver bullion products.

Please feel free to contact us or give us a call on +27 (0)83 263 9667 at anytime.