Terms & Conditions


We aim to conduct business in a transparent, honest and trustworthy manner. The following terms of business has been formulated in an effort to explain our procedures and in so doing avoid any miss understandings and or disappointments. Please let us ensure that common logic always prevails.


Should you experience a problem with our service please contact us at admin@brandedsilver.co.za in order to have the issue resolved. We will always strive to find a fair and mutually agreeable solution to any problem that may arise.


Our service to you is to provide you with silver bullion products for investment purposes. We do not supply investment advice in any way, shape or form.


Silver Spot Price. This is the cost in American Dollars ($) of one (1) Troy ounce of silver.


Troy Ounce. One Troy ounce is equal to 31.1 grams.


Live Silver Spot Price. This is the current actual Silver Spot Price as it is established on international markets.


Current Rand to Dollar Exchange Rate. This is the actual real time exchange rate of the South African Rand (ZAR) to the American Dollar ($) as determined by International Forex Markets.


Market Data. We refer to the Live Silver Spot Price quoted in American Dollars ($) per Troy Ounce and the Current South African Rand (ZAR) exchange rate to the American Dollar ($) as Market Data.


Market Data Link. We have established and incorporated a live Market Data feed or link into our website. It forms the basis of all cost calculations on the website as well as for creating online quotes from where auto response Order Invoices originate.


Invalid Market Data. Should this Market Data link fail, or its data be incorrectly supplied to us, a situation with invalid marked data will be created on our website. It stands to reason that during such a period with invalid market data all cost calculations on our website as well online quotes and auto response Online Order generated will be adversely affected and thus be totally incorrect.


Disclaimer. We do not accept responsibility for any incorrect calculations generated due to invalid market data, irrespective of what may have been the cause, and we reserve the right to correct any quote or order invoice that may have been generated during a time of invalid market data. Replacement data that will be used to substitute incorrect invalid market data will be derived from Kitco Precious Metals Dealers and or Investec Bank SA, and will be data for the exact same time period as when the invoice was generated. In the event that we have to correct an order invoice under these circumstances you will be given the option to either proceed with the purchase, using the new data, or to cancel your order at no cost to you and we will refund you in total.


Website Calculation Data. This is the data that is logged into the website administration site to allow for specific product calculations of all the different products that are on offer. These calculations will include product price, availability, as well as the product calculations associated with generating a quote and order invoice.


Invalid Website Calculation Data. This is when incorrect data has mistakenly been logged into the website administration site and results in specific product calculations for a certain or all the different products that are on offer to be incorrect. The affected calculations could include product price, availability, as well as the product calculations associated with generating a quote and order invoice.


Disclaimer. Although every effort will be made to ensure the correctness of all website calculation data, mistakes can happen and we do not take any responsibility for invalid website calculation data being logged, due to whatever reason, and reserve the right to correct any quote or order invoice that may have been generated with invalid website calculation data. Replacement product data for invalid website calculation data will be derived from American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), and will be for the exact same product. In the event that we have to correct an order invoice under these circumstances you will be given the option to either proceed with the purchase, using the new data, or to cancel your order at no cost to you and we will refund you in total.


Placing Speculative Orders or Orders to Reserve Products. Placing orders in an attempt to reserve products or to speculate by waiting for a better price and then replacing the order goes against the spirit in which we aim to conduct business. Should a customer place an order and we then do not receive proof of payment for the order within the prescribed 6-hour time period, we reserve the right to cancel the order as well as any subsequent orders placed by said customer without any notice and for a time period determined by us. Any payment that might have been made on an order cancelled by us will be returned on receipt, less bank charges. Should we decide to cancel an order a cancelation email will be sent to the customer via the email address provided by the customer on the order form as soon as practicable to us, but within 6 hours of the order being placed.


Kitco Precious Metals Dealer. A Canadian company that buys and sells precious metals. They also maintain live quotes and charts for metal prices.


Investec Bank SA. Investec is an international specialist bank providing a diverse range of financial products and services to niche clients based in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.


Available Products. Available products may be added or deleted at our discretion and without notice. Our available products as displayed on the website are products that are available at the time and we reserve the right to change the availability of any product without notice. It further does not constitute any obligation from us to always have said products available. All displayed prices are subject to change in line with market data fluctuations. Displayed prices do not include VAT at 14%. Displayed prices does not include delivery costs. Any pictures of products are of similar products and are not pictures of the specific items that are for sale.


Product Grading. Is the process whereby products are classed as either Uncirculated or Circulated depending on the condition it is in. This classification will influence the value of the product.


Uncirculated. Is defined as new products that has never been circulated and it is in the condition it was in when received from the mint with absolutely no wear on it at all. Some bag marks sustained during manufacture are acceptable. Being in original packaging will indicate that the products are in uncirculated condition.


Circulated. Is defined as products that has been circulated and it will have some additional marks other than only the bag marks sustained during manufacture and also show signs of normal wear and tear. Not in original packaging anymore.


Bag Marks. Marks a product sustained during the mass minting process through falling onto other coins in the minting bag as it comes off the minting press and through being handled in bulk before being packed.


Purchase Procedure. Our purchase procedure is divided into the following steps for ease of understanding.


Step One. Is to create your own online quote using our Product Cost Calculator. The Product Cost Calculator is linked to a live market data feed and as such all quotes will be continuously changing in line with market data fluctuations. We do not accept responsibility for invalid information supplied to us and reserve the right to correct any quote if it was generated with invalid information. You will never be under any obligation to proceed with making a purchase while utilizing the Product Cost Calculator and you may discard a quote at any time through simply clicking the back button or logging off.


Step Two. Is to add your personal details to the quote should you wish to proceed with making the purchase as defined by the quote you generated. We can obviously not take responsibility for the information you supply. Please ensure the correctness of your contact details as well as the delivery address. You will be liable for any added costs incurred due to us not being able to contact you or due to incorrect delivery details having been supplied.


Step Three. This is when you actually lodge your quote and place an order with us. This is done through clicking on the "Place Order" button. You will only be able to place the order once you have supplied us with the required information and have accepted our Terms of Business. Once you have successfully submitted your quote you will receive an auto response confirmation email, in the form of an Online Order, confirming placement of your order and providing you with our banking details for payment. The quoted prices will now remain locked in and be free from any further change for an initial period of 6 hours.


Step Four. This is when you are required to make payment for your purchase and it can be done through either making an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or through making a cash deposit at the nearest Nedbank branch. Please use the Online Order number as your deposit reference number and forward proof of payment to admin@brandedsilver.co.za once done. It is important to take note that should we not receive proof of payment within 6 hours from the time the order was placed the order will automatically be cancelled. Further to this and in the event that the payment does not reflect in our bank account within 48 hours from the time the order was placed, we reserve the right to either: a) continue with the purchase using revised and updated market data should both parties agree to this or, b) we may refund the purchaser his or her payment. Should a refund be made, all bank transaction costs will be deducted from the original deposited amount.


Step Five. This is when we send you your Order Invoice and provide you with your order delivery details. We aim to hand all orders over to Ram Hand to Hand couriers for delivery within 5 days from your order being placed. Once your order has been handed over for delivery you will receive your Ram Waybill number and estimate delivery date from us in a delivery confirmation email. The Waybill number will allow you to track the delivery progress of your parcel on the Ram Hand to Hand Courier website, see link below. All deliveries are fully insured and are made under the terms and conditions of Ram Hand to Hand Couriers. Please refer to www.ramgroup.co.za for more information.


Step Six. Is when delivery is made to the address you specified when placing your order. Please ensure that there is somebody available to take delivery of your parcel. Should a re-delivery have to be made it will be at your cost. Keep in mind that once signed for the delivery insurance is terminated and you become responsible for your investment.


Buy Back Program. When looking to buy silver bullion to meet our demand we will always firstly seek to buy from our retail clients wishing to sell silver bullion and only then look to import the balance of what is needed from our international suppliers. We would like to point out that we are totally committed to the Buy Back program as we feel it adds value to our business but that we are under no obligation to buy back silver bullion at any specific time. All Buy Back purchases will be scheduled to co-inside and supplement our purchases made to replace or increase our stock.


Our Buy Back program is structured around the following steps and a typical Buy Back transaction will be as follows.


Step One. Contact us. Email us at bullion@brandedsilver.co.za and provide us with the following information. The date the silver was originally bought from us, the name on the original invoice, original invoice reference number and finally the quantities of each product you wish to sell. The original invoice will be of great help but it is not a prerequisite.


Step Two. Receive a Buy Back Schedule. We will send you a scheduled Buy Back date once we have verified your original transaction and you will be added onto our list of suppliers as a preferred supplier. All additions to the list of suppliers are done on a first come first served basis. The date for the Buy Back will be scheduled to coincide with our next planned purchase to replace or add stock and we will always look to give you a Buy Back date as close as possible to the date you contacted us. It will however remain dependant on demand and where on our purchase cycle we are when you contact us.


Step Three. Receive Buy Back Offer. As near to the above Buy Back date as possible, hopefully sooner, we will make you an offer to buy back the silver bullion you wish to sell based on the current purchase price as it is displayed on our website. If you choose to accept the offer the price will be locked in and remain fixed until the transaction is completed. Please note that once we have made you an offer it will remain valid for a period of 6 hours before it is automatically cancelled. If you choose not to accept the offer during the 6 hour period you will remain on our supplier’s list as a preferred supplier but you will move to the bottom of the list.


Step Four. Pack the Silver Bullion for Collection. If you accepted our offer you will be required to prepare the silver bullion to be couriered to us by properly packing and then packaging it. We will make all the arrangements to have the silver collected from you within 48 hours. The cost of couriering the silver to us will be for your account and will be deducted from the purchase amount. For more information on courier costs please refer to the Delivery Information page.


Step Five. Receive Payment. Once we have received the silver bullion and after we have had it certified we will make payment to you without further delay. Payment will be made through Electronic Funds Transfer, EFT. We aim to make payment within 5 working days from receiving the silver bullion.


It goes without saying that should there be any complications with the certification of the silver bullion, or if we at any stage come to realize any dubious or criminal intent, we will immediately informing the relevant authorities and have the silver bullion in question handed over to them for investigation.


Referral Discount. We have made provision for customers to select if they were referred to Branded Silver Bullion SA, and by whom they were referred, when placing an online order. Once we have received five (5) referrals in a certain name and within a 12-month period, the person who has been nominated, the referrer, will be eligible for our 2% Referral Discount.

On being named as referrer the required five (5) times, we will contact said referrer via email in order to inform him or her of the fact that he or she has qualified for our 2% Referral Discount and also to provide him or her with a unique Coupon Code to use when placing orders during the remaining specified 12-month discount period. When this Coupon Code is entered the system will automatically deduct the 2% discount from the online order. The 2% discount will be deducted from the invoice sub-total which will be the product purchase price excluding delivery cost and 12% VAT.

The 12-month discount period, with each month being a normal calendar month, will be calculated working backwards from the most recent referral date in the following manner. For instance, if we received five referrals, one on each of the following dates, 12/01/2016, 05/02/2016, 10/02/2016, 15/02/2016 and 10/03/2016. We will then work backwards five referral dates from the most recent referral date, thus from 10/03/2016 to 12/01/2016 and the 12-month period will then have started on 12/01/2016 and thus end on 12/01/2017.

Should we receive another more recent referral, say on 15/03/2016, we once again will work backwards five referral dates from the most recent referral date, thus from 15/03/2016 to 05/02/2016 and the 12-month period will now have started on 05/02/2016 and end on 05/02/2017.

The Referral Discount is a standalone discount and will not be applied to, or added onto any existing discount structure already being applied, such as Wholesale and or High Volume discounts.

It will be up to referred clients to actually name the person who referred them, and to name him or her correctly, when placing an order. We will not be held responsible to research and or to backdate data in order to update referral entries. Once an order has been placed there will be no going back to update the referral data.

The Referral Discount will be applied to all Products Available in South Africa as well as Product Accessories but it will not be applied to Products Available for Direct Import.

We reserve the right to discontinue the Referral Discount at any time and without any notice.