Frequently Asked Questions



Do you offer any discount incentives?


Yes, we offer a Referral Discount of 2%, please refer to our Terms of Business page for more information. We also offer volume based discount to Wholesale and High Volume private investors, please contact us for more information.



How does your Referral Discount work?


If within any 12 month period 5 or more people name you, while placing an order with us, as the person who referred them to Branded Silver Bullion SA, you will receive a 2% discount on all the purchases you make from us during the remainder of the 12 month period.


It is therefore important to ask people you refer, to please enter your name in the dedicated field when placing an order. Once we receive 5 referrals in your name, we will get in contact to inform you that you have qualified and to affect the discount.



How will I know if I qualify for your Referral Discount?


Once we have received the required 5 referrals in your name we will get in contact with you via email and inform you that you have qualified. We will then also provide you with a Coupon Code to enter when placing orders during the specified time period. The system will then automatically apply the discount amount to your online order by deducting the amount from your online order subtotal.



Do you deliver internationally?


No, we only deliver within South Africa and do not offer cross border or international delivery.




Will you buy back silver from anyone or only from your existing retail clients?


We will always look at buying silver from anyone wishing to sell. Please contact us through email to johan@brandedsilver.co.za should you have products you wish to sell. That being said please keep in mind that we will always give our existing clients first option to sell to us as we are committed to creating a two way market for our clients where we buy and sell silver bullion from and to them. 




Why have you added Circulated products to your Products page?


We have recently incorporated a Buy Back program and we felt that we needed to differentiate between Uncirculated and Circulated products as some of the products we buy back from our retail customers might not be in the original Uncirculated condition when we buy it back. This will also create an opportunity to have more budget products available to stackers who are not put off by some wear and tear.




How do I know you are a legitimate business and that I will receive my purchases?


We understand that it may be daunting to do business online at first but you are more that welcome to confirm our legitimate legal status through our Business CK number and or VAT number which are displayed on all the pages. Ask around we have lots of satisfied customers all over South Africa.




Do you have a physical shop or premises?


No, we are an online dealership and have no shop. All sales are conducted via the website and the silver bullion is delivered to you directly from our secure holding facility in Cape Town.




Can I collect the silver bullion I have bought?


Yes, we offer a collection option in Cape Town. If you wish to collect your products from us in person please contact us admin@brandedsilver.co.za before placing your online order to obtain a Coupon Code. You will need to enter this Coupon Code when you place your order to have the delivery charges deducted.




Do you offer wholesale accounts?


We supply silver bullion products to a select group of financial investment professionals and other wholesale silver bullion retailers in the region. If you wish to apply for a discreet wholesale partnership please send your details to us at johan@brandedsilver.co.za and we will get back to you without delay.




If you have any other questions that needs answering please send them to us by means of a Contact Us email and we will gladly get back to you as soon as possible.