Delivery Information


All our deliveries are made by Ram Hand to Hand Couriers and are fully insured against loss or damage during the entire delivery process. We aim to have all orders handed over to Ram Couriers for delivery within 1 to 2 working days from when we receive payment. Delivery cost and delivery method will be automatically calculated and added to your Order Quote when placing an order.


Delivery method and cost are determined by the order value and is set out in the table below. Please note that these costs are for domestic delivery in South Africa only.


Order Value

Delivery Method

Cost Excluding VAT

Less than R 7 000.00

Ram Couriers Safe Hands

R 98.35

R 7 000.00 to R 19 999.99

Ram Couriers Express Road

R 216.77

R 20 000.00 to R 149 999.99

Ram Couriers Valuable Cargo

R 541.37 plus R 95.75 per kg of parcel weight.

R 150 000.00 and more

Ram Couriers Valuable Cargo

R 3 884.48 plus R 95.75 per kg of parcel weight.


As mentioned above the delivery cost will automatically be calculated and added to quotes but to calculate parcel weight in kilograms use the following calculation: Total amount of ounces bought x 31.1 ÷ 1 000 = Parcel weight in kilogram.